The Basics of Getting Your New Website Seen

Web Marketing

So you have just had your new website launched! Congratulations – it will be no time at all before you have orders flooding in and the phone lines off the hook….in an ideal world that is. The problem many new website owners have is they do not realise how long it can take for your site to get noticed.

The whole point of a business website is to get customers to buy your goods or services, or at least get them to find out more about you! When a brand new website is launched, it will not be immediately ‘searchable’ as it were.  Google and other search engines take time to index sites, with their bots crawling sites every day. If you are relying on this alone to get your site more visible, you will be waiting a long time.

The thing you need to get your site seen is SEO – search engine optimisation.  If you are lucky (or savvy!) you will have found a web designer who understands a little about SEO, and builds the site with SEO in mind.  There are lots of ways to encourage your site to rank higher in the Google search, and building these into the design will make it much easier for you.