Should You Use Your Social Media Profiles More?

Social Media, Web Marketing

As a business, you have to choose the different ways you wish to interact with your customers. You can decide to stick with just your website, or just your physical premises, or you can use a combination of both, along with active social media profiles.

Social media is something which has really taken off over the past decade, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter now part of our daily routine.  It seems silly to pass up the opportunity to not only learn more about your customers, but also have the chance to interact in a more social and personal way.  Many people see websites as the “corporate” face of your business, while social media can bridge the gap between the official brand and the friendly owner who wants to chat with their customers!

Facebook is a good example of using social media as a way to interact – groups and pages allow businesses to develop a sort of community surrounding their brand.  You can share information about your products, reviews, comments and chatter about your services easily.  Photos and infographics are highly shareable, and a popular way to grab the attention of your potential customers.  Showing a friendly and approachable side to the business can be a powerful way to get more leads and sales too!