Choosing a Web Designer – Agency, or Individual?

Web Design

It is a tricky choice, finding the right web designer for your new site. There are so many options out there! The first big decision to make is which kind of designer you are going to choose. You have the choice of an independant designer who works alone, or to go with a larger agency. Each has their own pros and cons. Let’s take a look now:

Individual Web Designer

The individual designer is likely to be a good choice for smaller businesses who are maybe just starting out and getting their first website done. This guy or gal is going to be someone who has perhaps done several sites and has a bit of experience behind them. The good thing about an individual designer is that they will have time to speak to you, they probably will have more friendly customer service and they will be looking to please you.

Agency Web Designer

The agency is likely to be a better choice for the larger business, who has a lot more to invest in their website. Agencies tend to be able to manage more complex designs, with programming and custom code something they can handle more easily.  An agency is likely to have set prices which they can stick to.